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Ireland is the third largest island in Europe and situated to the west of Great Britain. It has become a very popular location as a holding company for foreign investors.

Company Registration in Ireland is simple and cost-effective. Nationals of the European Union (EU) or Switzerland do not need permission to set up a business. You can register a business as a Foreign Company, Limited Partnership or simply as a Company. However all businesses in Ireland are required to comply with specific laws set up by the Irish government.

Ireland offers a low corporate tax rate of 12.5%,one of the lowest in the EU. New companies may get tax relief on the first 3 years of corporation tax and if properly structured, an Ireland company can be exempted from tax. Irish companies can access double taxation treaties with 48 countries, including with the United Kingdom, France, Cyprus, Australia, Morocco, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and United States.

Company Set-up Requirements:

  1. Minimum of one director required, one of who should be a resident in the EU and one separate Secretary is also required.
  2. Directors must be natural persons, corporate directors are not allowed. They must be 18 years of age or over
  3. Minimum of one shareholder required
  4. Shares must be issued in Euros
  5. Must appoint a company secretary who has the legal duty of filing all required statutory documents, can be either an individual or corporate entity
  6. Registered office in Ireland is mandatory
  7. Must have a company seal
  8. The company must classify its principal activity using the four digit NACE code, which is the common basis for statistical classification of economic activities within Ireland. The company's primary objectives must be outlined in the Article 1a of the Memorandum of Association at the time of incorporation.

All Ireland companies are required to file an annual return each year at the Companies Registration Office. Companies that are required to produce audited accounts will have to file all tax returns and make all tax payments electronically via the Revenue On-line Service.

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